Welcome to Calgary Duplication Technology!

We are Calgary's one stop shop for your digital media needs. Whether you have old home videos, photos, slides, or basically anything else we can update them to high quality digital formats; or if you already have your CD or DVD ready to go and are looking to get 5-5000 copies done, we are here to help!

Digital Transfers

Whether you are looking at a large pile of old VHS tapes, camcorder cassettes, photos, slides, vinyl, or basically anything that was cutting edge years ago but now feels clunky and out of date, we are here to help! At Calgary Duplication Technology we specialize in taking almost any old format of pictures, music, or video and updating them to the high quality digital standards of today.

Using high end equipment we can take most old formats and make them usable again. Which ever you are getting ready for: wedding, birthday or memorial ceremony, or just trying to empty that cabinet of all those old memories, we are here to help, just take a look at our prices for videos, audio recordings, and pictures. Or feel free to contact us and chat with a professional.

On-Demand CD and DVD Duplication

Calgary Duplication Technology is Calgary's choice for fast, affordable duplication solutions. We've been offering On-Demand CD and DVD duplication for the past seven years (formerly as Elbowroom Design) and continue to offer the highest quality in service and products available.

Using the newest technology available, we are able to offer the quality of larger orders without the large price tag. Our ink-jet printed discs are professional and accurate and we can deliver most projects in 3-5 business days.

From the moment you contact us you will receive friendly, customized service until the final product is delivered to your door. We work hard to ensure you get what you want, when you want it, for the price you are expecting to pay. From posting our prices on our website, to providing a 100% guarantee on our products, and answering all inquiries immediately, we strive to be transparent and easy to work with.

Click here for pricing information. If you have questions, visit our frequently asked questions.